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Our Recruitment

A very different selection process

Serve (the) People

Delivers differentiating value-added and services at each stage

Recruitment roadmap steps 1


Thorough dialogue with the client is essential. We provide assessment with regard to technical aspects when appropriate. We draw up a professional description of the position. The result is a tailored candidate profile.

We are different because:

We study in depth all relevant aspects of candidates: their needs, degree of digital knowledge, culture and values.


We analyze the market and define a clear search plan. We do national/international mapping. We identify areas in which value can be added for the client.

We are different because:

We work exclusively with experts and our own employment communities, continuously updating and improving our proprietary networking model.

Recruitment roadmap steps 2
Recruitment roadmap steps 3

Candidate Evaluation

We conduct up to four interviews with a candidate to determine whether there is a good fit. We evaluate both technical and personal skills.

We are different because:

Technical and personal skills are validated by a panel of experts using our proprietary methodology.

Evaluation of the fit

A process is successful only when the project is aligned with the candidate’s aspirations and objectives.

We are different because:

An expert in personal development works with candidates to evaluate the degree to which projects can help them enhance their careers and reach their goals.

Recruitment roadmap steps 4
Recruitment roadmap steps 5

Client-candidate contact

We analyze the market and define a clear search plan.

We are different because:

CVs are presented in a standardized format, ensuring neutrality and consistency. Each CV is accompanied by a report that analyzes technical and professional aspects of the candidate, as well as his/her career expectations.


We present the client with a short list of the finalists.

We are different because:

We base our research exclusively on references that are not supplied by the candidate. Our job is to confirm their veracity and validity. Our reference system is based on a proprietary methodology.

Recruitment roadmap steps 6
Recruitment roadmap steps 7

Negotiation and onboarding

We help both the candidate and client with this crucial stage of the process, to ensure successful onboarding.

We are different because:

If requested by the client and/or candidate, we also offer mediation services, to ensure a balanced agreement for a long-lasting relationship.


We proactively keep track of the process of assimilation during the guarantee period of the project.

We are different because:

Coaching. During the guarantee period we conduct interviews with the client and/or candidate to evaluate the candidate’s assimilation and determine if mutual expectations are being fulfilled.

Recruitment roadmap final step

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